Nashville Toffee Company Testimonials

Nashville Toffee Company Testimonials

Perfect blend...


I set up a blind taste testing for 5 Directors in my office. There was a run away winner. I set up the table for the 5 participants by putting a piece of the toffee on a card with the brand of the toffee on labeled on the back of the card.

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Wonderful company...


I stumbled upon your toffee at Fido's last week, and purchased a bag just to "try"...
it was just simply the best toffee ever (next to mine! haha)...we purhcased as said, one bag, and on by the time we completed the drive home, it was GONE!  And we fought over the last piece!!

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My first taste...


Hi Guys,

I was out of the office all yesterday and when I came in this morning my order of toffee (for gifts) had already arrived. Thanks so much. My first taste of Nashville Toffee was last year when I received it as a get well present and I have been hooked since...

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Halfway around the world



A good friend of ours who lives in Nashville sent us a box of the Nashville Toffee Company milk chocolate almond toffee. My partner and I enjoyed it very much...

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Couldn't stop!


Dear Christina and other toffee confectioners!

You can't imagine my surprise when I bought a sampling of your candy to snack on at the performance of CATS, last Saturday night.  I gently opened the wrapper and slipped a piece onto my tongue and WOW!!

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