Replacement Shipment Success


I am happy to tell you the candy arrived about 15 minutes ago, in perfect shape. The tin was cool, and the dry ice was still ice. Thank you very much for your help. Your customer service was outstanding and I will let my daughter-in-law know how happy we are with your company; she already knows we love the candy!

So, I think the message is over-night shipping is the only safe way to ship to Florida, expensive though it is.

Although, since we just spoke. maybe more dry ice would do the trick. I relayed your message to my husband and he said how nice it is to run into folks who have good business principles and put them into practice! Again, many thanks.

— Dona

It IS the very very best!


Just received the chocolate with almonds and the Choc disks! We have ordered several or more orders from you. You operate so efficient and promptly. Thank you so much! It IS the very, very best chocolate ever!! We ordered sadly for ourselves being selfish with our chocolate. Best wishes and blessings!

— Cathy

"The Toffee"


Just had a piece of “The Toffee,” you guys clearly aren’t kidding around! Very nice! The box, the card.. all very well done!

— Rob